Trip #5 and footage of bedding smallmouth

Trip #5 and footage of bedding smallmouth

  • June 10, 2019
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June 9, 2019

Today we had the pleasure of taking out Jim Ciprich and his father for an unbelievable half day of fishing. We caught numerous 3+ pound largemouth and some beautiful smallmouth off beds. The lake was quiet and calm which made for a peaceful trip. Teaching clients how to successfully catch smallmouth and largemouth off beds in such clear water is exciting and very rewarding. We can’t wait to continue to take out clients on Otsego lake and make the most of this beautiful weather we are receiving here in Upstate NY!

Check out this underwater footage of a male smallmouth being caught. Pay special attention to the hook set!


1 thought on “Trip #5 and footage of bedding smallmouth”

  1. This was an amazing part of our stay in Cooperstown. So glad we added this to our itinerary. Fishing on beautiful Otsego Lake was spectacular. Kyle, your knowledge and enthusiasm made for a fun day. Caught so many fish! Would definitely recommend Think Like A Fish guide services!!

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